Monthly Special

November & December Specials

Unfortunately with my health I am not offering the annual gift card sale until I know that I will be back to 100% So in the mean time the special for the next two months are the Lira pumpkin treatments.

You are always welcome to buy egift cards and can do so at this LINK.

Come in and try out Lira Clinical with one of three new pumpkin treatments added to the menu! 
All three treatments are $50 through 
December 30th
Pumpkin facials benefit all types of skin types.

How it fights fine lines: The infusion of vitamins A and C— which pumpkins have, also helps stimulate collagen production, and more collagen means softer fine lines and plumped-up skin.

How it fights acne: Pumpkin helps by exfoliating the skin, pumpkin unclogs pores. Plus, vitamins A and C are proven acne-fighters.

Special is good through December 30th.  
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