Wedding Prep & Why to hire a Makeup Professional

Here is a few things you can do to look your best before the big day.

  • Schedule facial treatments at least 2 weeks prior to your big day (facials can cause some breakouts especially on those who don't do them often.)
  • Schedule all your facial waxing done at least 5-7 days prior to wedding day
  • Don't drink any alcohol the morning of the wedding (it will cause redness in the face which no concealer will hide, try to avoid alcohol a couple days before as well as it dries out the skin)
  • Increase your water intake to half your weight in ounces, every day, for clearer, non-puffy face
  • Relax and enjoy every moment...it will be over sooner than you think....and remember, things will go wrong...so just expect something to go wrong...and you won't get too upset.
Don't want to hire a Makeup Professional? Read this article and it may just change your mind.

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