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Image Skin Care Products

AGELESS - for aging skin (over 28 years old)

An effective product line for preventing and treating the signs of aging and environmental exposures. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles and reverses the effect of cellular damage. Promotes skin rejuvenation and leaves skin fresh and youthful.

VITAL C - for normal to dry or dehydrated skin

A daily hydrating product line for sensitive, dehydrated and rosacea prone skin. Soothes skin irritation and nourishes tired and dry, dull looking skin. High in anti-oxidants for ultimate protection and nutrition.

CLEAR CELL - for oily acne skin

A highly effective line to fight acne, reduce inflammation, eliminate excess oil and purify skin.
SUN - sun protection

Image skin care philosophy is about prevention and protection. IMAGE offers three types of moisturizers based upon your skin type. These outstanding moisturizers also offer UVA/UVB environmental protection. Medical studies confirm that sun, pollution, stress, and smoke are the leading causes of skin cancer and accelerated aging. IMAGE is committed to daily protection and prevention.


Natural, sunless tan in a rich moisturizing crème, specially formulated for the face and body. Color builds slow & evenly. Using a body polish/exfoliator on the body previous to application will ensure a smooth application





The removal of unwanted hair. Hair should be at least ¼” long for the best results. Please advise your Esthetician if you are using Retina-A or Acutane.

Make-up Lesson & Application

Spend an hour with a trained make-up artist. Learn tips and techniques to enhance your features while you receive a full make-up application. Including priming, highlighting and contouring, blush, eyes, lashes, lips and foundation.


Foot Treatment

Relax and relieve your feet. After each foot is massaged, (including reflexology) your toes down to your heels will be wrapped in paraffin wax leaving them smooth and soft.


Using a diamond tip microdermabrasion machine the skin is resurfaced. Resurfacing improves wrinkles, skin texture and color by removing the topmost layer of skin leaving it more supple and vibrant. Resurfacing also stimulates the elastic tissue beneath the surface of the skin resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance. This skin resurfacing treatment is non-invasive, pain-free and requires no down time after treatment.
$55 each
Recommended in series of 6

Acne Extraction Treatment

Perfect Treatment for anyone who is experiencing acne breakouts. Treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, mask and moisturizing. (Designed for mild to moderate acne breakout if extreme acne you should see a dermatologist.) $40

European Facial

A deep cleansing facial designed to nourish and condition the skin. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, massage, mask, toning, scalp massage, extractions if needed and moisturizing. With regular treatments, it may help improve the overall appearance of the skin. 1 hour. $55

Mini Facial

This is a great introduction for men and women who have never experienced a facial. Mini includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, mask, toning and moisturizing.

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical Exfoliation

After consultation a chemical peel best suited for you skin type for intensive exfoliation will be chosen. Peels smooth out skin texture and fine lines, lightens hyper-pigmentation and speeds up the skin’s renewal process.

$50 each
Recommended in series of 6 $250