Microneedling - Machine

As we age our skin cells essentially forget what to do. Eventually these cells are not performing the functions required for maintaining healthy/young looking skin which results in the appearance of rough uneven texture, laxity, hyperpigmentation & brown spots, dullness, redness & ruddiness. Microneedling works by creating thousands of precise micro injuries (teeny tiny microscopic holes) in the dermis which stimulates your skin’s natural ability to repair itself by forming collagen. The release of growth factors and other proteins associated with this collagen formation help the cells to “remember” & perform their functions properly. The result is skin that behaves & therefore looks healthier & younger.
Most anyone can benefit from this treatment: One of the best things about microneedling, unlike many of its alternatives such as some laser resurfacing treatments, is that it can be used safely & effectively on all types & colors of skin. It’s excellent for maintaining youthful skin & prolonging the need for more invasive & expensive treatments.
What to Expect when you come in for a Microneedling treatment: When you arrive for treatment, We cleanse your skin thoroughly. Then apply a topical numbing agent to ensure your comfort during the treatment.
  • Treatment time may range from 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on how long we need to keep on the numbing cream).
  • Most patients don’t feel any needles, only the vibration from the SkinPen during the procedure, with possibly a mild prickly sensation in some areas.
  • A soothing mask will be applied immediately post-procedure to calm the skin.
  • Mild side effects with minimal to no downtime. The skin will appear slightly pink to red immediately after, similar to a mild to moderate sunburn, but will usually just be pink & maybe a little blotchy by the next day
  • You may apply a tinted mineral sunscreen or mineral makeup the next day & can resume your normal makeup regimen 24-48 hours following treatment.
For optimal results we recommend a series of 4-6 treatments spaced about 4–6 weeks apart based on your skin’s needs.