Hire A Professional

DIY Wedding Makeup....Why this could be a bad idea

Do any of the following sound like you?

I never wear makeup; why should I start now?

· I know how to do my own makeup, I 've been doing it my whole life!

· I don't trust makeup artists - they over-do it; they don't know my style; they never listen.

· I just want to look natural, not "made-up".

· It's too much trouble, effort and cost. I am on a budget.

If any of these sound like you, don't worry, you're not alone. These are very common attitudes and often justified too! But your wedding may be different. Maybe "special" enough to reconsider. What do you think? Here is what I, Master Esthetician and Makeup Arttist , Natalie Puikkonen from Pelle: Makeup and Skincare think.

Never Wear Makeup, Why Should You Wear It On Your Wedding Day?

If you're getting married underwater , or skydiving, then don't bother... But for the rest of you, how many times do you plan on getting married? This is why you should wear makeup (and get your hair done). It's a special occasion! ONCE in a lifetime occasion. Hire a professional because remember: even the naturally beautiful face will look better in photos with properly applied makeup.

You Know How To Do Your Own Makeup, You'll Just Do It Yourself...

You've never had a "bad makeup day"? Do you really want to risk this happening on your wedding day? Do you want to add stress to the most important/special day of your life, by worrying about doing your own makeup? Even makeup artists don't always do their own makeup when they get married. Most artists will even come to you, so you can all get ready together. Also consider

· If you do it yourself, will it last all day?

· Will it look good on camera?

You Don't Trust Makeup Artists - They Over Do It; They Don't Know Your Style; They Don't Listen...

I can't argue with your experiences. It sounds like you haven't found the right person. Rule #1 is you need to find someone who is compatible with your personality. Because makeup is very personal, and you need to feel comfortable and confident with who you hire. If you've had your makeup done at a retail counter, it may not have been by a trained makeup artist, or one specializing in bridal makeup. You can get a good idea of who would suit your style and listen to your ideas, by looking for makeup artists specializing in weddings, viewing portfolios and images of their work and by how they respond and communicate with you when you contact them. And, always, always do a makeup trial run-through before your wedding!

You Just Want To Look Natural; You Don't Want To Look "Made-Up"...

That is exactly the point! The right professional bridal makeup artists and photographers are successful BECAUSE they don't have brides looking "made up" in their photos. They look polished, elegant, fresh and they have that beautiful radiant glow! You look natural, just enhanced a little. With makeup, remember it's not about how much makeup, but rather what products, which colors and how it's applied. In other words, it's worth hiring a professional even to look "natural"!

It's Too Much Trouble, Effort And/Or Cost. You're On A Budget...

Yes, I agree! But, you may be surprised. It's probably not quite as costly as you may have imagined. One way to find out is to ASK! Remember, it’s YOUR wedding, make it YOUR day!

I want to help make your wedding day extra special.

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All makeup in photos was done by Natalie Puikkonen with Pelle Makeup and Skin.


The following picture shows the difference makeup can make. If you don’t like to wear makeup, that is fine, but please just see how doing 3 basic things enhances the face……BROWS, LIP and LASHES. They are the minimum I suggest for all women.

Note: these photos were not taken by a professional photographer, they were taken inside a home with just daylight. Model is 38. Don’t you love the “sad” before shot!